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Signs Your Marriage Might Be Headed for a Divorce

Not every problem in a marriage is cause for a divorce. In some cases, going through couples’ counseling or simply putting in a little more effort is all a marriage needs to thrive once more. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to discern when a marriage is irreparable and when it can benefit from more teamwork. We compiled a list of red flags that often indicate that a marriage is headed for divorce. No one can make this decision for you, so take an honest look at your situation and determine which path will give you greater happiness.

Noticing the Red Flags

Every marriage has its problems, but some spell disaster while others are minor and require a little more effort from both spouses. The more problems your marriage has, the more likely it is divorce is the only answer for the two of you to work toward a more satisfying future. Keep in mind that, according to many studies, almost half of all marriages end in divorce, so you are not alone. It is better to give yourself the fresh start you deserve rather than remain in an unhappy marriage.

Here are some red flags that indicate your marriage might end in divorce:

  1. You avoid your spouse: If you are always looking for a reason to spend less time with your spouse or dread the moments you share, there is undoubtedly something wrong with your marriage and it might not be something you can fix. The honeymoon period does not last forever, but it is still a major red flag if you enjoy imagining life without your spouse.
  1. Your relationship lacks physical intimacy: Marriage is about far more than sex, but that does not mean physical intimacy is not important. If you rarely or never have sex, this is a red flag.
  1. One or both of you already gave up: If both spouses are willing to work on the marriage’s problems, there is a chance you can salvage it. However, if one or both of you already gave up, there is almost no chance that the marriage will survive.
  1. One of you had an affair: Infidelity is about more than sex. An affair breaks trust and is indicative of bigger issues in the marriage. Although some marriages might recover from an affair, it is still a red flag that might eventually lead to the end of your marriage.
  1. You stopped arguing: Not arguing with your spouse probably sounds like a good thing, but if you have issues and stay silent to avoid a confrontation, it will only create a mountain of resentment. Staying silent when something is wrong with your marriage will slowly eat away at the bond you once had.

If you notice one or more of these red flags in your marriage, you might be headed for a divorce. Consider scheduling a consultation with a divorce attorney.

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