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Why You Should Hold Off on Dating During Your Divorce

Divorce is a lonely and emotionally challenging process that often leaves a person’s heart feeling somewhat bruised. However, it is a bad idea to seek solace by reentering the dating world. Dating before your divorce is finalized can open you up to a variety of issues, many of which might impact the terms of your divorce. Although it might seem unreasonable to have to wait, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

The Risks of Dating During Your Divorce

It is not uncommon for one’s self-esteem to take a hit during a divorce, especially if the other spouse initiated it. Unfortunately, the price of this is often so much more than what most are willing to part with. Dating during your divorce can affect your ability to amicably achieve a mutually agreeable resolution. In addition to its legal implications, having a new partner in your life can also have a profound impact on your relationship with your children, especially if they believe they are seeing less of you because you are focusing on dating.

Instead of dating and compromising the outcome of your divorce, take some time to focus on yourself, so you can build the proper foundation for a new relationship once the dust officially settles.

Here are some of the risks of dating during your divorce, which you should be aware of:

  • You might have trouble settling your case: No matter who initiated the divorce, it will sting to see you dating someone so soon, before the divorce is even finalized. As a result, it is unlikely your spouse will be open to compromise, which can lead to a long and drawn-out divorce.
  • It can impact your child custody arrangement: If your new partner has a criminal record, regardless of how long ago it was, it will impact your child custody arrangement, especially if you plan on bringing your partner around the children.
  • It will affect your relationship with your children: Coping with divorce is likely hard enough for your children. Adding a new partner into the mix will only create even more stress, anger, and resentment. They might feel like you care more about spending time with your new partner than with them. Even if you do not have a new steady partner in your life, seeing you date during this tumultuous time will not make them feel secure.
  • You need to work on yourself: If you hope to have a good fresh start at love, you should not rush into things. You had a hand in your marriage’s end, so try to figure out what you did wrong, so you do not repeat your mistakes in a new relationship.

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