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Why You Should Avoid Using Social Media During Your Divorce

Almost everyone has an account on one or more social media platforms these days. They can help people feel connected to one another across great distances and allow you to share the most intimate details of your life with those who follow or add you as a friend. During legal proceedings, such a divorce, however, social media use can become a major liability. If you do a fair amount of venting to your online audience, you can especially wreak some havoc on your own case.

Reasons to Stay Off Social Media

If you are accustomed to regularly using social media, the prospect of having to go off the grid might sound like an impossible feat, but considering what is at risk, going on a social media hiatus is well worth the effort. If you continue to use social media, you will effectively provide a wealth of information for your spouse’s attorney to comb through. Even if you strengthen your privacy settings, there is no guarantee someone who has access to your profile will not share the information with your spouse. After all, you probably share many mutual friends at this point and allegiances might be a little blurry.

Here are some other reasons why you should stay off social media during your divorce:

  1. Your posts might contradict what you say in court: When you create a social media post, you are probably not overanalyzing the accuracy of it. Many of us write up posts so quickly that even grammatical correctness is an afterthought. This is usually not an issue. Unfortunately, during legal proceedings, even the social media posts you whipped up within a few minutes can end up under a magnifying glass. If any of them contradict the statements you made in court, you will appear dishonest.
  1. Anything you post can be taken out of context: If you made a joke, shared a meme, or posted a picture, they can easily be taken out of context and used to portray you in an unfavorable way. Pictures are especially harmful since they can be interpreted in numerous ways.
  1. Your rants can haunt you in court: Social media is best known for giving users a platform to vent about their frustrations, no matter how small. However, if you use social media to vent about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, it could backfire in a big way in court, particularly if you have children. You do not want to seem like an uncooperative co-parent.
  1. Posts from friends and family can affect you: Take some time to reach out to your family and close friends who might tag you in posts. Let them know that you would like to reduce your social media presence at this time and you would prefer it if they did not post any pictures of you or tag you in posts. You can also adjust the tag settings on your profile.

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