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How to Rebuild Trust with Your Co-Parent After Divorce

Raising children in the aftermath of a divorce can be incredibly difficult, especially if your divorce was particularly toxic. However, even under the most challenging circumstances, you and your former spouse can work on rebuilding your co-parenting relationship, so you can create a more stable and consistent environment for your children. A key element in rebuilding your relationship is trust, so keep reading to learn how you can move forward and become more effective co-parents.

Working on Restoring Trust with Your Former Spouse

You and your ex do not have to become best friends to become effective co-parents. That said, the more you trust one another, the easier it will be to raise your children as a team and the better you can reduce conflict.

Here are some tips that will assist you in rebuilding trust with your co-parent:

  • If you make a promise, keep it. Nothing eats away at trust quite like breaking a promise, so try to avoid agreeing to anything you know you cannot follow through on. When your former spouse sees this trend, it will undoubtedly inspire some trust.
  • Much like consistency is essential for raising children, it is also a key factor in rebuilding trust. If you speak respectfully to your spouse one day and blow up the next, your relationship will feel like an emotional roller coaster. Be consistent in your behavior and your ex will begin to trust you.
  • You are raising your children together, so you should both continue to show an interest in one another’s opinions regarding their upbringing. Listen to each other and this will help rebuild your relationship.
  • Regardless of your past problems, it is important for your children to maintain a bond with both of their parents. Take a moment to acknowledge this to your ex. Being kind and affirming your co-parent’s relationship with the children will go far in rebuilding trust.
  • No one is perfect and you will both undoubtedly make some mistakes as you raise your children. It is important for both of you to be willing to apologize for these mistakes. Genuinely apologizing is powerful in any context and it is especially helpful in strengthening your co-parenting relationship.

As daunting as this situation may seem, you and your former spouse can successfully rebuild trust in the aftermath of your divorce, which will ultimately benefit your children.

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