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Types of Restraining Orders

Restraining order

If you have been searching for information about restraining orders online, you have probably noticed that there is a lot of talk about the “types of restraining orders.” To understand the different types of restraining orders, they need to be broken down into further categories.

If you are seeking a court order to protect you from someone who has abused you or threatened to hurt you, you will need to request the proper protective order. In California, there are four types of restraining orders that correspond to four particular situations.

These four options for restraining orders include:

  • Domestic violence restraining order – For those who have been abused by someone who is closely related, such as a spouse, parent, child, or current or previous dating partner
  • Elder or dependent adult restraining order – For victims of abuse who are either above the age of 65 or in between the age of 18 and 64 and have a mental or physical disability
  • Civil harassment restraining order – For individuals abused by those who are not as closely related, such as roommates, neighbors, and distant relatives
  • Workplace violence restraining order – Can be requested by employers for employees who have suffered abuse in the workplace

How Long Does a Restraining Order Last?

The second category of restraining orders pertains to how long they last for. Sometimes these are referred to as the different “levels” of restraining orders.

The three types of restraining orders according to duration include:

  • Emergency protective order
  • Temporary restraining order
  • Permanent restraining order

An emergency protective order can be requested by law enforcement at any time of day, if they have reason to believe that the individual is in immediate danger. This order takes effect immediately and is enforceable for one week.

A temporary restraining order is issued by a judge who believes that a person requires protection prior to a court hearing. It lasts for 20-25 days. Following this designated period will be a hearing to determine if a permanent restraining order should be issued. If a permanent restraining is issued, the duration will be dependent on the specific situation of the person asking for protection.

What Do Restraining Orders Do?

Judge granting restraining orderYou may hear some other types of orders being talked about, including personal conduct orders, stay-away orders, and residence exclusion orders. These restraining order types are classified according to what they require people to do. For example, personal conduct orders require restrained persons to stop particular actions, such as contacting, harassing, stalking, or attacking the victim.

Stay-away orders, on the other hand, demand that the restrained person stay a certain distance away from a particular location. This may include staying away from the victim’s home, workplace, vehicle, childcare center, or the victim himself. Residence exclusion, or kick-out, orders require the restrained individual to move out from where the victim lives until the court hearing.

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At Aharonov & Revy Family Law, your safety is our priority. If you are the victim of any kind of abuse, reach out today for fast and affordable assistance in obtaining your order of protection. Our Encino restraining order attorneys serve clients throughout all of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

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